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Companies based in the application of advanced lithium technology, relying on Sanyo, LG, Lishen, Industrial Development Institute of Tsinghua University, the State Quality Inspection Center of chemical power sources and other partners

Four advantages
Set 13 years of independent research and development of lithium-ion battery pack, production

Since its inception, has always been to serve the global mobile power / back-up power / energy storage power user responsibility, after 13 years of development, it has grown into the world's leading lithium customized solutions and products provider.

Advanced custom development, manufacturing and supply chain

EF battery with the industry's advanced customization and development, specialized manufacturing and a strong supply chain in one of the operating systems. Technology companies including electronics, power, structure, processes, electrochemistry and other professional and technical categories, the team has more than 50 people, most of whom are employed in the lithium battery industry for more than five years, a senior engineer.

Wide range of product applications

EF customized lithium battery existing programs and products widely used in military, medical, financial, communications, security, transportation, logistics, mining, consumer electronics and other fields

8H 24H-site response decade Maintenance

The company will unswervingly uphold the "demand response development 8H 24H door decade maintain" business principles, committed to serve customers around the world to provide more competitive lithium customized solutions and products, with global customers and partners hand in hand, and seek common development

infor-battery·Clean energy solutions provider
      Infor battery technology co., LTD., funeng in 2012, belongs to the INFOR, founded in 2002, the headquarters is located in Chinas guangdong province shenzhen guangming new district science park, is a collection of lithium ion battery module, independent research and development, production and sales as one of national high-tech enterprises. Company since its establishment, the beginning End to service global mobile power supply/back-up power/energy storage power users as own duty, after 13 years of development, has now become the leading global custom li-ion battery solutions and products provider.Infor-battery industry has advanced customization of specialized research and development, manufacture and powerful supply chain in the integration of the operating system. Company technology center, including electronics, power supply, structure, process, electrochemical professional technolog…【View details
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  • Emma electric
    Emma electric

    Emma technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Emma technology) was founded in 1999, and made remarkable achievement in the field of electric vehicle industry, become the electric car industry leader.

  • Dongfeng yueda kia
    Dongfeng yueda kia

    Dongfeng yueda kia motors co., LTD is invested by dongfeng motor corporation, jiangsu yueda co., LTD., Korea kia automotive corporation jointly established sino-foreign joint venture car manufacturing companies. Enterprises in the third plan…

  • xdebike

    xdebike company, adhere to a high starting point, high standard, borrow the electric car industry rapid development momentum, grew up in a few short years, from weak to strong, become the electric car industry leading enterprises.

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